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Fertile Ground to Grow Your Business

  • 13% of U.S. small businesses use google
  • 40% of cell phone owners use a social networking site on their phone
  • 81% of companies making over $1MM use social media to drive growth
  • 90 percent growth businesses called social media effective in building awareness
  • Roughly 1.3 million small and medium businesses (SMBs) in North America generate $5.5 trillion in annual revenue. And according to a new study conducted by LinkedIn, social media is increasingly becoming the vital axis upon which this community turns.

Social media has the potential to expand your connections, generate more leads, grow your online presence, and improve search engine rankings.

How Successful Entrepreneurs Are Using Social Media

  • Highlight content and successes
  • Position oneself as an expert or a leader in their region or industry
  • Promote new products and connections
  • Highlight the community the entrepreneur serves
  • Highlight successes and create momentum
  • Interact with potential clients
  • Build community - with related businesses, existing and future clients
  • Generate referrals
  • Learn more about your market and potential clients

Ninety-four percent of small and medium businesses (SMBs) said they use social media as a marketing tool, while 49 percent said they use it for educational purposes, and to derive business insights.

~ Entrepreneur.com

Social media is the most affordable and efficient way  to showcase your skills to a massive audience on a daily basis.

How They Are Using It To Grow Their Business

  • Facebook

    With 728 million daily active users (71% of online adults), this is the best place to build a community, connect on a more personal level, and share relevant content about you, your community, and your business.  Here you have a choice of connecting personally and as your business persona.

  • Twitter

    (23% of online adults use Twitter)   A quick and easy way to reach an audience outside of your usual sphere of influence with a few words and pictures.  There is high potential to reach first-time buyers.  And, very attractive to those who want to reach a global audience.

  • Pinterest

    (28% of online adults use Pinterest)   As one of the fastest growing social networks, this is THE place for those who love to share visuals.  Home decor is one of the top three most popular categories for women to share pictures and videos.  This is a great place to promote your listings and entice people back to your website or other social circles, e.g., Facebook.

  • Instagram

    (26 % of online adults use Instagram)    This is the medium for those who love to use their SMARTPHONE to take PICTURES and quickly share them with a broad audience.  It is a great way to share the best features of your listings and neighborhood, and reach potential first-time buyers in an instant.

  • YouTube

    Like television, video is one of the MOST POWERFUL ways to market you and your listings.  Create the videos yourself or have them created for you, then upload them to YouTube, and share them on all of your social media.  Remember, google (which is YouTube) is the most-used search engine in the world.  Vimeo is another powerful option, with the option to protect content.

  • email

    email is still THE BEST way to maximize the connections you make on social media.  Regular communication with the connections you make online are nurtured by taking them offline and connecting in person and via email.  Newsletters and seasonal greetings are highly appreciated.


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